Specializing in Engagements & Weddings

Indiana and Beyond


Where this dream will go

I adore travelling to bring my love for photography to clients near and far. When travelling, I feel so incredibly present and focused on each and every moment that it is a feeling I can't even describe. I would love to share my destination portfolio with you and hear the details of your big day!


Senior Sessions

I love spending time with seniors to capture there amazing beauty and personality. They have so much excitement and courage as they embark on the next chapter in their lives. I would love to set aside time with you to pause this moment and capture it's beauty!


Capturing Life as It Happens

Lifestyle photography is such an incredible keepsake, and why I love capturing these sessions. Each lifestyle session guarantees the capture of photos that you otherwise would never have the opportunity to capture in a professional way. From your newborn within a day of birth to your family cuddling up on the couch to, these sessions are truly priceless.