"HERE" Anniversary Issue!!!!

This Issue of "HERE" magazine is more then just another issue. This is the issue where the editor poured out her heart and soul  about the trials of starting a new magazine. The fear, anxiety, tears, sleepless nights about whether it would be successful or whether people would love it or hate it. You see Julia is just like all of us entrepreneurs in the way that we all feel this way with our dreams and new endeavors but we don't talk about them because we are afraid that we are the only ones feeling this way. Well guess what Julia, The way you poured out your heart just helps all of us remember that we are not alone.

Julia also talks about how she is so thankful for all of the people around her and how it takes a team to run this magazine. How important each and everyone of the team members are so valuable in order to make the magazine a success. How she formed a group of ambassadors and then adding along the way. Choosing people that cared about our community just as much as she does.

Julia puts emphasis on how there are endless resources for success such as inspirational podcasts. These resources are literally at our fingertips. We can find anything we want to learn in this digital age.

We tend to reach for our smartphone to look for all the answers. But there is also something about holding info in your hands in actual print. When sitting down in the morning with a cup of coffee in silence and reading about our community and the things that people around us are doing is just a different feeling. It is almost like a sense of peace. A sense of getting away from the digital world for just a little while that sometimes we strive for.

Enjoying and appreciating our community is the goal of "HERE" magazine. Julia and her team have done such an amazing job this past year with spreading the word. I myself can say for a fact that they have given myself as well as many newfound friends of the community a way to express their dreams and abilities.

I want to thank Julia and the team for allowing me to be a part in sharing stories in a photographic way. I also want to share something about my photographic dreams so again helping others see that you can do anything if you dedicate hard work and passion into it. You see I did not go to school for photography. I wanted to document memories and beautiful things. By saving enough money to buy my first real dslr then spending hundreds of hours watching tutorials about each and every setting, trying it, making mistakes, trying and trying again I finally obtained results that I was proud of. I am still learning each day. I still feel inadequate and get depressed about not being good enough. So guess what? You are not alone!!!! people will love what you do as long as you are honest, passionate about your work and kind!!!

This issue includes Farms that merge form and function. I had the honor of going to each farm and meeting some of the most amazing people. Farms that are growing from their heart!! Farms that have their community as their top priority!!

Images taken from each farm that I was able to visit are below each article glimpse.

What did you ask? Oh , you want know where you can get your own issue in PRINT?

In just a few more days HERE is where to find out how to get your own hands on this info: Pick up your own copy!

Ok....... So "HERE" you are......Just a Glimpse of  "This Amazing inspirational Anniversary Issue!!!!!!"

Nichols Farm:

This sunflower farm in Lowell is close to my heart as it is actually my sisters farm. For a few years she has always kept dreaming of offering beautiful bouquets to the community. The word has gotten out and they now offer different varieties that will make your jaw drop. When you are out there it is truly peaceful just as she says!! The bees are happy and chatting among themselves about who has the best flower! (well at least that is what I think they are doing ;) )

liberty Hop Farm:

This family is amazing and they get so excited when another new brewer wants to collaborate and utilize their local hops. They recently had their first party for local brewers. They had locally made beer that was made from their Hops, food and entertainment. They were nervous and hoping people would be just as excited as them. Sara was so excited and showed me the amazing invite she created. I had no doubt that these kind people were going to have a great turnout. I am just sad I missed it, But next time you guys... I will be there to document it!!!! Thank you for being so kind and introducing us to the farm!!

Link: Liberty Hop farm

Sunnyside Drive Flowers:

Laura was so inviting and I was still in awe at the variety of flowers she grew. She knows exactly what they need to be the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. She also knows how to perfectly group them into breathtaking bouquets!! She plants them so strategically so that there is always something seasonal in perfect bloom. What amazing talent to say the least!!

Link: Sunnyside Drive Flowers

Lakeside Lavender and Herbs:

You see: Mike and Doreen truly have my heart!!!! I have been going to this lavender farm for a few years now and it is always a breath of fresh air!! This year was a hard year for lavender in Indiana! They had so much snow this year and then it would melt a little and then snow again. This process took a major toll on the crop. Mike worked so hard day and night to prepare for their open house while Doreen was going through some medical issues. Their family came from all over to help make it perfect. When I was photographing the farm we had a few visitors. Yes the visitors were a Doe and her 2 speckled fawns. They came out to see what we were up to. When we saw them I almost wanted to grab my chest because I got this sense of "This is a place where I could sit out everyday and just dream!" I already understood their love for their land but suddenly understood it even more then before! Thank you to them both for always being so inviting and now since I have a "Lakeside lavender Event Staff" shirt, I will be there next year for sure!! ;)

Doreen and Mike will always be there showing and educating you about the different types of lavender. Things that you ever wanted to know, you can just ask them. Don't forget to attend the Lakeside Lavender Open House in 2019 where you can get amazing lavender goodies including their Lavender ice cream!!!!

Link: Lakeside Lavender and Herbs

Below is the newest Advertisement from Vanis Salon & Day Spa, which is so fun to see as I was actually video assisting in this shoot also!! I love their goals and they way they service their clients. It was amazing to see the whole team working together all day for this.

Check out this amazing Salon right here in Crown Point: Vanis Salon & Day Spa