Loopy Love!!!!

To say I love my loopy case would be an understatement!! You see these local brothers came up with this amazing idea all from their dad that inadvertently kept dropping his phone. And even better......They reside right here near my home town!!

I was looking for a new phone case that would protect my phone in case of a drop... when i received my phone case i was in awe of the way the phone case looked and felt. I can hold it in my hand with ease, carry things right along with it and seriously haven't dropped my phone since i received it.

Since I am a big small business supporter and love shooting details of products, I imediately contacted the company and asked if I could shoot the details and use of this awesome product. I tried to show how easy it is to get around day to day without fumbling  or dropping your phone on the ground or on your face when you are texting laying down as well. (oh don't act like you never have dropped your phone on your face! LOL)

Smart phones are just a way of life and we have to acclimate, so what better way to protect your investment then to invest in your investment!! Right?!!! (yes that was a lot of investment in that sentence) But we have to be real here!!!

After you see the ease of use and  how cool they look and not to mention that certain styles help support oceans and trees you are going to definitely want to grab one for yourself!!

So go check out the site and see which one you want to order today!!!!!

Oh and I have a surprise for you!! You can get 10%off your purchase with code " TERESA10 "

Ok so right here is the link>>>>  Stop the Drop with Loopy!  Don't forget the code: TERESA10

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