CP Angels Project: Roadmap for the future!

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Don't we all sometime in our lifetime believe that things happen for a reason? Well, let me begin to tell you that This day that I ran into these group of artists was definitely meant to be.

The story goes like this:

My son and I went to go to the farmers market on this past Saturday which much to my surprise it actually didn't begin until the next weekend :0. We parked in the corner lot near the bowling alley as we usually do and decided we would walk around anyhow, get some donuts at "Chemshaw" and visit the local boutique "MINK64" owned by some dear friends of ours. On our way through we noticed some young girls sitting in  Hack Court Alleyway and I thought to myself "I wonder what they are doing?". We carried on and when we were finished exploring for the morning we took the same path back to our car and to my surprise the high school group had grown and they were cutting out large patterns. They were working diligently as a team. This time I asked out loud "what are you guys creating here?" They explained that they were going to be creating some wall art in this location. I asked if they were open to me coming back to document their progress later. They and their Teacher agreed kindly, not knowing who the heck I was they were kind and seemed a bit excited.

I returned the next evening and was amazed at the progress and team work. The teacher Mrs. Harris explained they would be working through the weekend and their goal of finalization was Monday evening. I began shooting the details of their journey as I admired their dedication especially now that the days were filled with bright sun and extreme 90+ degree weather. Luckily around 530-6pm the project site had some relief of shade for the last few hours of their project work.

I came by each day from then on around 6pm to document their progress. Each time I came back I felt like they were more and more excited that I was documenting it all. How could I not...this team was making history!!

They Began the approval process in October of 2017. This was not a spur of the moment thing. Letters were sent by the principle to the city for approval with drafts and the real meaning behind this project. I can Imagine how proud the CPHS and the art instructors must be having such dedication from these students.

This Project is called "The Global Angel Wing Project". You see this project is worldwide. This team wanted to bring the project to our amazing city. Here is the link where you can learn where these other locations are: http://www.colettemiller.com/angelwings

The process included that the team had to submit why they thought Crown Point would be the perfect location for this project. They were specific in their goals as you will see below directly quoted from their plan.

"Benefits of the Global Angel Wing Project in Crown Point, Indiana"

    "This is an extremely popular art installation all over the world. It is a “photo opportunity”, causing people to park their cars, get out, and create foot traffic. Social media is a huge platform for publicity, and the project has been proven to appear on social media often. In the spot currently, there are dumpsters and weeds growing up the building. If we were able to paint here, we would be able to move dumpsters to a better fit location, remove all weeds, and beautify the vacant space. This project will require no city maintenance. It is to remain a CPHS National Art Honors Society project, and will be retouched yearly by the students of Crown Point’s Art Honors Society. The project, done by Crown Point honors students, showcases the youth’s creativity and artistic passion. It is important to note that this is not a “mural” or “street art”, it is a public art installation by CPHS National Art Honors Society."

Per Plan Notation Goals:

"Crown Point’s Courthouse Square has already begun its transformation into a hub for the visual arts with the conclusion of the third year of Seward Johnson sculptures. As this plan show, a permanent art installation can build additional momentum for this transformation. A successful art installation will ensure that Courthouse Square becomes known as a destination that ignites creativity, encourages visitors and residents to walk, linger, and pause at the sights, and welcomes new businesses. "

Who created this plan?

"This plan is a creation of National Art Honor Society Sponsor Lyndsey Harris in conjunction with the students of Crown Point High School’s National Art Honor Society November 2017."

Without further ado, Here is the amazing process documented by yours truly!!!

PS: Please keep supporting our community because together we become greater!!

2nd PS: The Team has created an Instagram Hashtag #cpangelwings so when you take photos in this location please tag them for all of their hard work!!!

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Teacher: Lyndsey Harris


In photo : Reagan Beckham, Abby Novotny, Madison Price, Gabby Sopher, Chloe Garces, Callan Wichowsky, Jessica Bao, Christina Pejoski, Gabe Taylor


Other students who were involved in the project but couldn't be there for the photo: Kristen Szaller, Jennifer Fenstermaker, Sam Walker, Grace Walker, Lauren Bottando, Cheryl Houser, Alex Werner, Jasmin Romero, Hannah Hrownd, Haily Hughes, Dominic Thesphasdin, Michelina Marino, Kaitlyn Bruder