Crown Point / Uptown Cafe

A few months ago I noticed a sign being placed on a new building nearby and got super excited. Another cafe but this time even closer to my home with easy access during my morning commute. I couldn't wait to see an open sign!!

Finally it opened and I put this on the top of my list to visit ASAP!

Welcome "UPTOWN CAFE" to our community!!

I went into the cafe and introduced myself to the young man at the counter. He was so kind in his greeting. I asked if I could come back the next morning to take some photos of this new small business. He agreed not knowing who the heck I was or if I even knew how to take photos ;)

So , I arrived the next morning and explained what I did and asked him some questions about the cafe. This was the second of 2 privately owned cafes. The first one originates in Valparaiso which I had been to in the past and loved it. This young man by the name of Tylor has some real dedication to the cafe. He and a young lady named Aris work together as a team to keep this location running smoothly. He explained that they make all of their own Syrups, scones, muffins and Sodas. I am sure they make much more but I was so intrigued I couldn't remember it all.

I noticed many live plants around the establishment as well as a terrarium, oh and there was live moss surrounding the art deco on the front of the counter as well as moss art on the main walls. He explained that he takes care of these plants and really enjoys bringing life into the environment. I asked him about the main spectacular piece of art that you see as soon as you walk into the cafe. He explained that his father is an artist and creates the most amazing pieces. I can not even explain to you the detail! You must go see it yourself because the photos don't even do it justice.

He made me a Latte that was "and I am not kidding" perfect art. Not only was it beautiful it was a perfect cup of yummy goodness!! I asked what was one of his favorite popular items and recommended the avocado toast. I was in heaven with this sliced avocado,tomato,red onion with the perfect amount of extra spice on whole grain bread!!! "Just wait you will see the photo!"

Sit down ,have a cup of sweet art and be patient while they prepare you something they worked hard to create! Something that they worked hard to create to please all different types of palates!!

Supporting small businesses is in my blood!! As in my other posts you have probably seen and I will continue to say it over and over again "When you support a local small business you are supporting our community and a dream!".

Please go visit this cafe!!! You will not be disappointed!! Located right here in Crown Point on Broadway, just slightly North of the Strack & Van Til grocery store.

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