Crazy story is that I met the entrepreneur by the name of Honey Shea at a local Rising Tide "Tuesdays together meeting" and she explained how she makes dainty customized jewelry and I noticed a few of the other girls were wearing her pieces. I kept eyeing the pieces in the room in almost disbelief that she could hand make some of these intricate pieces. I followed her on Instagram and we messaged on occasion through the months. I have always adored her sense of style. She started out by branding her business to match her name by making a delicate honeycomb shaped pendant necklace.

Recently she made a pair of earrings that caught my eye as well. She explained that she applied each bead onto the earring by hand. The process is time consuming and so much thought goes into each placement.

A few of the extra things I love about her work are that the stones that she chooses are so perfectly flawless, her necklace clasps have a larger oval ring for easy application and everything she creates flows with what she loves.

She prides herself on making handcrafted jewelry with elegant & meaningful designs that are simple enough to wear every day.

As I always say, "By supporting small businesses you are supporting your own community and a dream".  As a small business myself , I try my best to support and purchase from people I meet with the greatest intentions and a good heart.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces with you and am confident that you will love them just as much as I do.

Here is the link to this amazing artists shop.  "Honey Shea Studios"  I guarantee you wont regret your purchase.

A special thank you to my niece Anna for modeling these amazing pieces ;)

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