Lighthouse wedding celebration!

Julie & Joe tied the knot in the amazing Hawaii with an intimate wedding on April 22, 2018. Since is was a destination wedding they planned to celebrate with all of their loved ones with a special home reception at the awesome Lighthouse Restaurant on May 12th 2018.

The Lighthouse staff set the scene perfectly. I must say they are some kind hardworking people! Thank you to all of the staff for making this evening perfect!

The amazing thing is that they were able to get all dressed up again. She was able to have to most memorable bouquet she ever wished for. Her very special Late Aunt had a favorite flower that Julie wanted to incorporate. Yes, Lily of the Valley. The fragrant flower of spring was in bloom just in time. She saw her bouquet and I could see the emotion in her eyes of memories. I am so glad it was perfect for you Julie ;).

She had her Florals in perfect pink and white accents designed by Rosemary's Heritage Flowers here in Crown point. Just so happened that the sweet delivery gal was my recent neighbor, that was pretty cool ;)

The weather was calling for a full day of rain so we needed to be prepared. Guess what the rain ended shortly before they arrived and we ended up with the perfect overcast day on the lake.

We did a few portraits and then focused on family togetherness. Photos of everyone we could incorporate. It was a bit windy and I saw some concern but I reminded everyone that this day is a memory and to just embrace the imperfect with the perfect. Thank you all for participating in my laughing and blowing kisses!

Joes Grandpa just a mere age of 92 years young was a show stopper. Just wait until you see his adorable little self ;) He had to catch a lot of kisses this day!

The couple chose to thank their guest by donating to St. Josephs Carmelite Home in their Honor. They feel that helping others live a more meaningful life is the finest gift they can give! "you can cry happy tears now" ;')

I hope you all print those family blowing hair memories in the gallery!!

Thank you for choosing me for your day!! Wishing you both many more happy memories to come!!


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