Mr & Mrs Overbeck!!

This Day has been long awaited by many. You see, Paige & Luke met at the county fair when Paige was just a wee 10 years of age and Luke was 14. Paige explained that back then she was mean and ornery and picked on him having no idea that one day they would be blessed to be wedded.

Approx 4 1/2 years ago they rekindled. Paige explains that on their first date she felt protected and knew she wanted to love this man.

When they chose their rings to symbolize their love they did something amazing!! Her wedding ring has 2 sapphires incorporated from her fathers ring and If you take a good look at Lukes ring you will note a red squiggly pattern. This is no ordinary pattern. This pattern is actually a sound wave. Yes you read that right. A sound wave of Paige saying "I love you, baby, forever and always" inscribed in the color red to represent the firefighters.

Their wedding took place on January 27th 2018 in their Aunt Julies beautiful home adorned with fresh flowers with the closest of their family there to witness their love.

Hold on!! Hold on!! Can you believe the weather for this January wedding!!! It was approx 52 degrees and sunny!!! Even though they were prepared for the snow, they had the most amazing sunny day! I still can't believe it!  Ok..Sorry...Now back to the story.... Ha

Before the Ceremony Paige had an emotional first look with her dad. Oh the tears flowed for all in the room documenting it!!

Paige and Luke held hands without looking at each other and spoke prior to the real deal. It ended up being a discussion on how they were going to execute the "KISS" . Seriously you two are the cutest!!!!

Their vows had everyone in tears. Tears of joy with people saying "Finally!"

After the wedding Luke had one request. That we go to the fire station to take some photos before heading to the reception. Hey Luke...Your idea was the best yet!!! Just wait until you see some of the results. Wowza!!!

Something Paige said after the wedding "I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a man crafted by god, just for me!"

I am so thankful that you two chose me to document your day!! I wish nothing but lots of Love and Joy in your years to come!!!!


Venue: Aunt Julies

Florals: Dogwood and Twine : Cait Downey

Videographer: Doubleshot Artistry

Band: Amy Yassinger

Cake: Jean Buczek

Hair/Makeup Artists : Natalie Wedding  / Hannah Tucker

Second Photographer: Brynn Kristin Photography