Baby Willow!!

Birth stories are a once in a lifetime opportunity to photograph for families. Since this might possibly be the last birth for Chanel we began planning early on. She was hoping for a birth without any induction as every momma wishes for. Baby girl was not ready for the winter, well I really don't blame her!! But without her consent it was time to arrive. The date was planned and we all were prepared.

Derek and Chanel had to be at the hospital early in the morning for induction. They had the most awesome midwife they could ask for. This I know because she also delivered my son just 14 years ago. 

The morning went pretty smooth until the contractions started picking up once the induction started.

Finally at 4:05pm on January 25th she decided to arrive. #3 pushes and she was here. No Joke!! I am sure glad I was ready on the sidelines.

The following day I came back up to capture the siblings with the whole family. This is a busy family but they are two of the best parents I know. Congratulations on your addition of Baby Willow.

And seriously check out their SELFIE GAME already!!!!

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