"HERE" Magazine Feature!

My Heart is so full!!!! This was not just a magazine shoot. This was a shoot that consisted of planning with an amazing team!!

The story goes like this:

As an artist we dream often…and I mean constantly!!! As I drive around I am constantly envisioning the un-forseen beauty along the sides of the road. This spot has been on my mind for a few years. So much on my mind that I have stopped multiple time, got out of my car and walked around playing music and taking iphone photos to look at when i get home. I kept looking back at them and trying to envision the perfect shoot in this perfect spot. Over months I have tried to schedule things but they kept falling through due to timing or availability of clients. So I kept the thought in my back pocket and just knew that it would come to me one day!!!!!

I have been shooting for “HERE” magazine and the editor “Julia” was talking about the winter issue and I had 5,000 light bulbs suddenly light up in my head!!! I proposed the idea of this location to her and she said how she imagined red dresses flowing in the wind. That’t it!!!! “Lets do It!!” We scheduled the vendors, Model and picked a date!! We knew no matter what the weather we would make it work!

We went to a local Boutique “A Pink Boutique” , where we met with my dear friend Cindy and her sister!! We picked out 3 dresses that fit the vision. They so graciously wrapped them in plastic and entrusted their product in our hands!! I can not thank them enough for being so kind.

Julia Picked up the perfect jewelry accent from our dear friend Kristen @ “MINK64” . Kristen knows the perfect accent for every outfit whether it’s for the perfect senior session or a formal event!

Julia told me that Maddie @ “Mad About Hair” was our hair artist for the day. I almost died!! I just love this girl! In fact we recently had done a shoot for a local product with she and her sister and they rocked it!!! If you know her, you know that her Braid Art is out of this world perfection!!!

Emily @ “Emily Dupre Makeup Artist” was scheduled for the makeup art and if you know her, you know she is the queen of faces!! She can make magic happen with the blink of an eye!! She should be named the Makeup Genie for real!!!!

Guys!!!! The model is one of my best friends daughters and she has a heart of gold, is open to new ideas and has so much beauty inside and out!! I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better person for this day!!

The most amazing team was truly the key!! A team that could see our vision right along with us!

I had a local Video production friend George @ “ Lakeshorestudio4” scheduled for this shoot as well because I truly had been dreaming of this spot for so long and knew with this team it truly would be flawless. I wanted my love for this art to show through not only in photos but in video so you could have all the feels like I did!!! He was brave enough to even get drone coverage to give you the big picture of what we were doing!!!! The video is available to see right here in the blog!!!! How amazing is that!!

The day arrived….. It rained for days before the shoot…. literally monsoon rain for days. It stopped the day of the shoot around 2am. The location was flooded in areas and it was messy. We were prepared at all costs with drop cloths, plexiglass, umbrellas and boots up to our knees!!

I would be so thankful if you would go follow this locally supportive magazine and all of the amazing vendors that had a part in the day!!!!

Don’t forget to go check out the full magazine issue at the “HERE” link above!!!!