Homecoming 2017!!! My Beautiful Niece!!!

I hardly get a weekend Saturday off due to the busy wedding season but today was an exception!! My beautiful Niece is a Junior "hold on let me cry"!!! Yes she is growing up into one beautiful woman!! I still remember her first cry when she arrived into this world. It was like no other Joy to know we had another girl!! She is smart, caring, compassionate, beautiful and super motivated to learn all she can so she can pursue her dreams. 

so anyways!!

Here is my niece and one of her best friends to start out the day!! It was a super hot fall day on Sept 23rd!! Yes I swear it was like 120 degrees! Well it felt like it anyways. She and her friend looked breathtaking in their dresses that they picked out from the Pink Boutique!! 

I just love this spot off the side of my sisters driveway where the light shines perfectly behind in the early evening hours. We did some fun images before their dates showed up to capture more of their awesome friendship.

After a bit we headed over to another friends house and of course did some large group photos. Seriously look at this group of Beautiful Happy High schoolers!! Really..How could you not be happy when your going to hang out and have fun with a group like this!

And if your wondering how I was able to get all these teenagers to cooperate and be themselves?? I shoot weddings so after years of doing this is almost becomes second nature to get them to laugh and actually enjoy taking photos!!

Happy Junior Year Anna!!

Now booking 2017/2018 Senior Sessions! 

If you were involved in this day and would like your images , just head on over to my Facebook or Instagram and shoot me your email address!

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