Cory & Erica Make it Official!

I know it seems like this blog post was well overdo but there is good reason. Read until the end to find out about the surprise;)

SO as you may have read in a previous blog post when I shot the engagement session for these two, the bride and I met through our nursing journey. To see more regarding this as well as their engagement session-click here> Engagement session

We started out in Puerto Vallarta this time at the awesome dreams resort. It was a perfect day with a hint of wind, A little bird poo on the grooms head, and an ambitious resort photographer that could run circles around me ;)

The wedding day went perfect! The sunset was one that could take your breath away! I am not kidding when I say the wedding day sunset was the only day that is was as spectacular as it was. We had to take full advantage of it and pull out the off camera flash!

Erica looked stunning and Cory was handsome as ever waiting for her along the ocean backdrop as she walked the sandy path to become the Mrs.

After the ceremony full of tears of happiness, the guests were handed a fruity drink to start the celebration.

I was honored that they chose me and once again greeted by family that I can now call friends. It is one thing to shoot a wedding but it is another to know the couple in a different way to where they feel comfortable with you. So comfortable with you that they fly you to be a part of the biggest day of their lives together!

I saved their blog images because you see these two were meeting up with their family in their hometown to once again get dressed up and celebrate with their union. You see, I made a slideshow for their 2nd celebration. A slideshow that no one has yet seen. Images so that the ones here at home could relive the day again with them. Family gathered around and ooohed,ahhhd and laughed at the memories from the day. Reliving it all over again!

So here now I share with you all. The destination wedding of Mr & Mrs Cory McCarter!!