Boss Moms in Chicago!!

A few weeks ago I was invited to this event. I had no idea this even existed! A gal that I met at a HoneyBook launch in Chicago, that I now call a friend called upon me to shoot a Boss Mom event. I said " I am honored but why me? "  She said to me that when she met me I really stuck with her. My passion and kindness touched her. Although she didn't know it, I was tearing up!!

How is it that some people really just get me instantly?! I always worry about what people think of me in this world. So many people judge you right away, without even getting a chance to know who you really are and what you really do. Some people don't understand how hard we work as moms to start, run, maintain and organize business along with life!!

I left my home early to head to Chicago to shoot this event. I left extra early so I could make it there in time. Yes people, I gave myself 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there and it of course took me 1 hour and 50 minutes to walk in the door. I was walking briskly through the streets of Chicago thinking "they are never going to want me to shoot again, they probably think I am a no show, maybe I am just not good enough to do this!". As I got in the elevator I get a message from Danielle (The gal who helped organize my shooting). She messaged " Just checking to make sure you are ok " . I was instantly relieved. "I am in the elevator". She met me at the door and welcomed me with open arms. No judgements. Right then I knew it would be ok.

I gathered my things and began shooting just like usual. I stood at the back of the room for a while and suddenly my attention changed to what Dana (Boss Mom Leader) was really saying. I listened to these mom entrepreneurs. They had plans, they had intelligence, they had wisdom and most of all they had each other!!

They have each other because of groups like this. We often feel so alone in a world of stacked up papers, bills, computer screens, children running around, messy houses that we cant keep up with, children and pets and husbands that need our attention too.

But there is a place!! A place of togetherness and support when we need to talk or confide in one another. A place with some instruction and guidance!   Girls.... This Is One Of Those Places!!

We headed outdoors to get some photos of these awesome Boss Moms!! A man along the street handed the girls this sign "Make America Kind Again"!!  So fitting for our day!! Some things are meant to be. He had no judgements on us he just wanted us to laugh and spread the word and we were glad to.

I had to make sure these Boss Moms had some head shots. We all need to have a head shot especially at an event to celebrate US!!

Maybe , Just Maybe they will take me around the world with them to capture these awesome women! These awesome entrepreneurs! These people....That are changing lives!!

Thank you so much for choosing me to document this event!! I walked away with much more then I ever thought I would. And I know that you all understand me! You get me! You know how hectic life can get!


We continue to Rock on and be a TEAM!!!!!