Tomondi Hospital Session!!

I was fortunate to be able to be at the hospital the day prior to witness baby girl Tomondi just minutes after entering the world. Link Here> Arrival

Michelle has been oohing over doing something special for when the baby arrived but did not anticipate the delivery being so sudden. Her sister Candice which is also an awesome friend of mine had showed Michelle some previous lifestyle hospital sessions I had done in the past and she was sure this was something she wanted to do. I always tell my clients that this type of session is something I wish I would have had of my children. Back then these things didn't exist, atleast I think they didn't. When I capture these moments I think of how I would want them. Making sure I capture every toe and family interaction moment I can.  Whew. Ok I need to move on, this gets me all emotional ;)

Now back to the hospital less then 24 hours later to capture the whole family together. Baby girl Reagan is so perfect. Her hair so perfectly thick and toes that stretch for miles. Her parents and family could not get over her toes. While I on the other hand couldn't stop looking at her hair!! ;)

We arranged for the nursery nurses to hold off on baby foot printing and bathing until I arrived. The nurses at this hospital are always so great about coordinating times for the new families. Thank you again to the Community Hospital Maternity/Nursery Nurses!

We awaited the arrival of big brother and Daddy so they could head over to the nursery as a family for the big event.

We headed to the nursery and I watched their interaction, their facial expressions of love that they now have their baby girl to add to the family. The way they touched her head to soothe her. The concern in their faces when baby cried during her bath as if they just wanted to take her from the nurse and tell her its ok.

Big brother is one of the most loving 4 1/2 year olds that I know. He held her and looked at her with such love and curiosity. I couldn't stop clicking my camera as to not miss a beat!! He held her as they read their first book together this day. "Happy tears"  Big brother is a true character too. Just wait until you see! ;)

This blog post says it all!! Do not hesitate to call me if you want to make some priceless memories! To contact me for lifestyle hospital session availability click on the link here >  Teresa Schmidt Photography

Now Enjoy!!


Auntie Candice and cousins arrived to welcome baby girl to the world as well. I had to snap a few ;)

The family joked about how baby Reagan felt about her aunt Candice. I think you can see exactly the feeling from this photo below! Ha Ha!!

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