Chicago Engagement!!

So, I met this beautiful lady over a year ago at the beach when she and her adorable daughter were hanging out and taking pics. Me..being the super bold person went right up to her and asked If I could take her daughters photos and I would send her the images. She of course said yes.

BTW: I do this periodically when I am feeling inspired and there are others to attest to this ;) So if I ever do this to you , you should take me up on the offer ok. lol

Ashley is also a blogger. She has fashion sense like no other. Check her out here >  Ashley

So anyways I told her in the future I would love to have her model sometime and she was all for it. Well over a year went by, we kept in contact through facebook but never had the chance to meet back up. :(

BTW: there is going to be a lot of So's in this story! LOL

So one of my friends was coming to Chicago and we discussed the possibility of setting up a styled engagement shoot. I immediately thought of Ashley! I messaged her and Yes she said Yes! I was so excited and so was she. We collaborated for a few weeks on what we were going to exactly do. Ashley contacted one of her old friends Jamil to see if he would join us for the day. Hello gorgeous people!! They really look like a couple! Am I right?

We met up at the HOTEL LINCOLN so we could walk over to the beach for a skyline shoot. Along the way I saw this shaded location full of blue and white which they were dressed perfectly for. We stopped here and I was oooohing and ahhhing the whole time. They were perfect and full of natural photographic chemistry.

Now you can check this out yourself and see what I am talking about!!

PS: There will be more blogs coming soon including custom calligraphy by some super talented artists.