Steamwhistle Coffee Roasters

This past summer I ran into a kind couple at the farmers market in Crown Point. They had a coffee pop up stand so I just had to try it. As we chatted they talked about opening a little place of their own later this year. Being the big coffee lover I am, I was so excited. So now the time has come and they have opened their adorable little Coffee Roaster location.

Let me Tell you more...

Husband and wife team Brett & Tracee Jury  have worked hard to open their small business "Steamwhistle Coffee Roasters" located right here in Crown Point. They are located in the Lakeview Square which is across the street from the Beautiful Lake County Fairgrounds which I am sure you all are familiar with and Directly next door to the Popular "Key Nutrition".

This Husband and wife team roast their own beans for their location. Yes you heard me right!!! They roast their own Coffee Beans!!! They currently offer up to 7 different coffees via self serve with the awesome option of purchasing a bottomless cup. They pride themselves in Producing the best cup of coffee around. If you want to know anything about coffee these people are the ones to ask.

They also offer different types of Lattes that make you say Ahhhh after each sip.

Husband Brett thought he would offer a few select sandwiches and pastries as well. They came up with a sandwich and named it the SteamBELT.  Hence the company name "Steamwhistle Coffee Roasters" . A Grilled Bacon/Egg/Lettuce/Tomato on Asiago. This sandwich is the local favorite right now so I suggest you try this. Yumm!!!

Don't forget to try one of their yummy pastries!!

So here! Here is what I would like to point out! This is a couple that puts all their hard work into providing pure goodness to our community. Please continue to support our Local small business community and make Small Business DREAMS COME TRUE!!

We have gotten so use to going through a drive thru coffee chain to pick up our coffees, Lattes & Pastries  these days. Please take a few extra steps & save a few cents all the while supporting our community growth because we cant do it without you!!

Thank you so much for reading! If you are a local small Business owner and would like to be featured on the blog please feel free to contact me "Teresa Schmidt Photography". Lets continue to work together to grow our community.

Well Lookie Here!!!  We have a coffee drinker in Training!! "disclosure: Note, the coffee cup is backwards ;) "

Ashlynn is one of the Baristas here at Steamwhistle and her Grandpa is also a supporter of this great new Coffee location.