The Copper Moon

I have found my new favorite place to stop during my travels from Crown Point to Indianapolis!! 

A few weeks ago I was driving down I65 towards Home and planned on stopping at a well known chain coffee shop, so like everyone else I put it is my GPS , yep ...My life. ;) As I got off the exit near Lafayette, I came across this amazing new Coffee Specialty Shop called Copper Moon Coffee- World Cafe . I went in and of course purchased a Hot Vanilla Lavender Latte and Frosted Pumpkin Cake. The staff was so friendly.  I unfortunately had to purchase my items and head back on the road. But today was a little different. I stopped there as I had planned and it was bright and early to say the least. Uhmmm 6:41am!! Yikes!!

I walked in and this time decided to just have my coffee and relax just a minute. I ordered a Salted Caramel Latte and of course the frosted pumpkin cake thingy. It was amazing and the coffee was picture perfect which of course I LOVE!!!  Two of the kindest staff members  Alexis and Andrew were smiling and chatting with me about how this place was the first specialty coffee house that they opened so far. They went on to say how it was privately owned and how a local artist by the name of Ben Sutter created the sign on their main wall and made some of the amazing wood furnishings in this establishment.  SOOOO. I went to my car and grabbed my camera. I asked if I could take some photographs and blog about this amazing place. They of course were thrilled.

Small business dreams!!! Please keep supporting these small business establishments!! If we all did this instead of making the multimillion dollar companies even richer we would allow everyone to have a chance at their dreams!!!

So on your route down to Indianapolis please stop in and have one of the these amazing coffees!!!

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