Byway Brewery Saved the Day!!

I second shot for a local wedding the weekend before last and it was a monsoon!! Rain is good luck they say and I concur! 

Guests arrived with hearts and umbrellas open for the day. The bubble exit still went on even in the rain and it was perfect!!

The Couple wanted to head over to Taco Bell for a quick stop so we piled in the local chain as they proceeded to order tacos galore. First mock dance was done right here folks but their pal couldn't help himself and offered to hold the kissing Tacotoe in place of a mistletoe above their heads. Lots of Laughter, Fun and Happiness surrounded them through the day. 

Since it was raining like mad , Byway Brewery was so gracious to allow us to bring the bridal party in for photos of the whole gang. Thanks so much to the kind management team as well as the brew master for allowing us to escape the rain for a short time. It just so happen while we were in there the sky cleared just long enough to be able to get some outdoor photos.

Here are just a few fun details of their day!!!!!

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