Lifestyle Reality With the La Rocca Family!!

So the time has finally arrived for the LaRocca Family to become 3!!!  Some things to remember as you are viewing this blog: #1 This mom and dad are two of the best dressed people I know ;) #2 The grandma seriously has the gift to see things and put them together like a magic puzzle!! #3 They are going to be coming to my new home someday and decorating it while I am on vacation!! #4 I am so blessed to be able to photograph their growing family!! #5 This baby boy is going to have so much love in his life and he will have memories like no other!! 

They worked so hard to make baby La Roccas nursery a one of a kind, can never be repeated, full of love type of nursery!!! Sooooooooo here are some memories of one Spectacular Family and one adorable baby boy that you could just sqwoosh and kiss all day long!!!!!!

Enjoy the LOVE!!!!!!