Artistic Maternity Love!!

So here we are In 2 different settings just steps away from each other. Kristen is one of the most beautiful people inside and out and her husband compliments her quite well ;). These two are just the most caring,encouraging and supportive couple I know. I have been shooting with Kristen for a while and to be honest I get a bit jealous when another photog gets to take part in these gems ;) You see... Kristen and her dear mom are a great team and who wouldn't want to capture their awesome adventures. I am just thankful that I met up with them last year and have gotten to see how far they have come together and now to be excited along with them that they are adding to the team!!! Kristen and Anthony are truly going to be awesome parents. 

Thank you both for sharing your family stories with me. It is so awesome to see your eyes glass over when you speak about your family and especially your grandmother!!  It shows genuine love!!   

And most of all.. Thank you both for being understanding and supportive to me. I truly have a special place for you as I am sure many others do!!!

I can not wait to meet your baby boy!!!!