Destination Mexico

A few years back I was in Mexico Vacationing and met these two awesome people. We totally hit it off like Bread and Butta ;)  We then planned to vacation again together the next year. Luie was so excited and pulled me aside to tell me that he was going to propose to Stacey the day they returned home after the vacation. He said if he proposed on vacation it would be too expected. I believe Stacey had been wondering for years when the day would come and was hoping it would be on this vacation. Well sorry Chicka you were wrong lol. They returned home and Luie had it all planned out. I was waiting anxiously to hear the announcement.. why...even though this couple was pretty new to me, Their love just shined through every time I looked at them. I was so happy for them like I had known them all my life. 

Finally Stacey announced the engagement!!! Yippee the cat was out of the bag!!!  I was not expecting it but Stacey asked if I would be the one to photograph their destination wedding. Huh What... Me? Why? She said because you love it and your passion for it shows so much. My heart just pounded and I felt so honored that in the short time I had known these wonderful people,  they knew me too.

They scouted out a few destinations and picked the "Dreams Cancun Maya Riviera Resort & Spa". The date was set and they spent 2 years planning every detail of this flawless wedding day. The nerves ran through and it was tough on and off for them but their love pulled them through and here we are today!!  

This couple wrote their own vows and exchanged gifts only the two of them would know the meaning behind.  46 guests Traveled to this perfect place to attend and witness this Marriage. Wedding tears of happiness surrounded them like no other!!!  The weather, the decor, the details, the cake, the music, the family, the friends, & the whole day went off without a hitch. I am serious, It was perfect!!!!  Perfect for the most deserving couple I have ever met!! 

Thank you, your family & your friends for welcoming me in to be a part of this lifelong memorable day!!!  Love you guys!!!!!