The Twins at Home Lifestyle Session

The day finally arrived when I got the chance to do the twins and their big sister shoot at home!! I was a bit nervous on how I was going to handle so many littles at once ;)  Big sister had a hard time in the beginning adjusting to being photographed in her home but after a while she warmed up and in the end she was jumping on the bed and laughing!!!  

This mommy and daddy have the ultimate demeanor and it was a pleasure to have them just go with the flow. I can't even express how I felt just watching them interact with their now 3 girls!!! I hope these images bring them joy and they create a book of this day. It is a blessing to be able to document a family in their home, especially this family!!

Photographing children takes patience and sometimes you just have to wait it out!! I am glad we did because now they have This to look back on!!!

Thank you for inviting me into your home to make memories that will last a lifetime!!!

Congrats to you, now family of 5!!!