The Soon to Be Adaline Grace

Soooo Here is the story... I had planned to go on a girls trip with a few other fellow photographers and we were planning a styled shoot!!  Yes..... And all I could think about is how this special girl now turned beautiful woman that I knew that lived quite close to where we would be. I mentioned to the photographer that was setting up the styling, that I knew a Beautiful and deserving couple that would be a perfect addition to our trip. She was all for it.

I contacted Hannah and she was utterly excited!!!  I couldn't wait to see her!! You see....she and my daughter were high school classmates back here in Indiana!!   

We ended up meeting near Joshua Tree in California!!!  The Light was perfect & Hannah showed up perfectly lit for the day!!!  

Hannah and her Husband Brian are so excited to be parents!! This is one of the things she had to say, "Adaline Grace came as one of the biggest surprises to my husband and I. We had just embarked on this journey called marriage on May 23,2015. In July we started another journey as a military couple as Brian began pursuing his dream of being a US Army Soldier. In August we found out we were pregnant! We knew Brian would be gone for the birth and most of the pregnancy but we already had so much love for her. Through these past 7 months we have fallen so in love with this littler girl. She has forever changed our lives and the lives of people around us. Planned or not, we couldn't be more excited to start another journey of parenthood."

Hannah, You are a true beauty inside and out!!!  I am so glad you just so happen to be in the same state when I embarked on this journey!! I am so glad we can give you memories like this to hold onto forever!!  I can not wait to meet your baby girl whether it be via social media images or in person!!  You will be great parents!!  Congratulations Love!!!!

just want to say.. I am sorry hannah that the crazy cactus liked you so much that it jumped onto your foot!! oh gosh I should have gotten a picture of that :0 !!! Thank goodness for iPhone power!!!  ha ha!!!