The long awaited Snow Session

I had been planning to do a snow session sometime this year!!  I was hoping just for one more day of snow and Waaalaaa.... It arrived. 

I had the most beautiful subject for the day!!  ;)  Beautiful Kayla!!!  I arrived at Kaylas house and we rummaged through her closet ...oh and her moms.. shhhhh ;)   

While Kayla and I were picking out the outfits, I asked her what her favorite things to wear as far a jewelry goes. She picked up this old watch and explained it was her grandfathers and she wears it all the time... Lightbulb moment here!!!! We then found her Grandfathers military jacket and she was so excited to incorporate these sentimental items. She has a plan for the images that will come from this session with these items.

We headed off to a local pond area and I saw the perfect spot. Fresh snow with light colored grass showing through in the just the perfect spots. 

She weathered the cold and never complained while I tried to shoot as quickly as possible because I was so worried she would be cold. She's like a warrior I swear. This girl goes from muddy 4 wheelers while wearing camouflage to a bohemian natural beauty!!!!

Thank you Kayla for tolerating me during the cold & Thank you to her Mother 'Karin' for being so excited and encouraging when I brought up this awesome Idea ;)

Enjoy these SPECTACULAR images to say the least!!!!!

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