Olivias at home Lifestyle session

Hi Guys,

      First of all I just want to say this is such an all time favorite session of mine. I have had the pleasure of following this family from anniversary to maternity to capturing babies first bath at the hospital and now ...... The at home Lifestyle Session!!!

The first photo in this blog is how Laura announced to her husband that they were having a baby!!!  Hello....Adorable!!! This plaque now sits on the dresser in their beautiful daughters nursery.

They had no idea what the gender of their soon to be baby was going to be. This is one of the biggest surprises in their life. That being said, they decorated the nursery in colors to compliment either gender. 

This couple, Now family is such a pleasure to photograph. their home is full of natural light and clean crisp colors. This is my absolute favorite environment to shoot in.  Their Dog "Nala" took a big part in our session as you can see. What a sweet Pup and just look at her beautiful eyes would ya...woah!!!

These parents could not take their eyes of this beautiful baby the entire session and boy was that awesome to be able to capture it as it happened throughout the session. 

Lifestyle sessions capture your family in your own environment and give real memories of a lifetime. The memory of how you decorated your nursery and how it all began. Lifestyle sessions are not just for families with newborns. These are sessions that can just capture the interaction and emotion of family. these are images you put into a story, never to be forgotten. I really encourage everyone to try a session like this sometime in their life.   Enjoy the images and see the beauty in how this family is in their relaxed environment and the love that is in this home!!!

Thanks for choosing me once again to capture these amazing memories!!!!

Warmly, Teresa