Our Grandma Turns 87

So I can't even believe the day is here!!!   My ... Or should I say OUR Grandma is 87 today!!!  My aunt Maryanne called me up and explained that there would be a surprise birthday celebration on this specific date and time. She explained to me that due to the circumstances the guests are very limited. I totally understood and was grateful just to be able to go. I wish you all knew that our family extends beyond what we ever probably imagined. It is very hard to get us all together these days and be able to find a large enough area to Pen all of us Schmidts up in one place ;) If only we had one big Schmidt house!!!!   LOL

Anyways we all met up at the long term care facility that my grandma in currently in for rehab. The staff was so gracious to allow my Aunt to Plan the whole surprise. 

Everyone showed up that was invited and of course we goofed off before my grandmothers arrival. We were told the SHHHHHH word about 56 times before she even got to the door. hahahaha.

She has Arrived !!!!!!!!   No one ruined the surprise... which is hard with the large size mouths in the Schmidt  family. ;)  She was in disbelief. The look on her face and the emotions that came through not only from her but from the surrounding family!!!

One more surprise.... Her son and grandson had just flown in this afternoon from florida to be here for this special occasion.   My uncle Connie even got to assist in blowing out the 87 candles!!!

If you notice it took 4 of us to get all those Damn candles lit!!!  But oh my....was it worth it!!!!

My grandmothers only sister was here to share the day!!! Their bond is so unbelievable!!!  I am so glad they have each other!!  The love ..... Do you see it?!!!!  It is unbelievable!!!!

What a blessing our family is!!!  We are so thankful for my grandmother and I feel so many emotions running everywhere that I could capture this day!!!  We Love you Grandma!!!!   Thank you to all who had a part in making this day AWESOME!!!!  <3 <3