The Forever Family Home Surprise Shoot!!!

I can finally reveal :    This Forever Family Home!! 

So not too long ago this awesome girl I know talked to me about the possibility of doing a surprise home shoot. I was completely blown away with the awesome idea. 

She explained that her mom and dad would be making the decision to sell their forever home and the process was going to be quick once they decided. She explained how their house was truly their forever home. She explained how many memories were there and how emotional this day was going to be. She said she would call me when she got the confirmation and we could go from there.

So here we are on November 1st when I get the text that the decision had been made and we need to work fast. You see her parents are those type of people when they set their mind to something they waste no time. We decided on a date and time when both parents would be out of sight.

November 3rd came and there I was capturing every detail of this home. I could feel the memories surrounding me when I arrived. The every detail that had been thought of during their life here!! From crystal doorknobs to chairs and chalkboards designated to her grandchildren and family.

The funny thing is........ Her mom knows where everything is and how everything looks at all times. I couldn't shut a blind or move a piece of clothing whether it was in its place or not because she would know.

The great thing is....... It was perfectly imperfect in some spots which shows they live and life can be imperfect but still beautiful. It shows that the house is a home that is lived in. A few dishes in the sink, Laundry laying on your bed because of running out the door. It is what real life is all about.

When I asked her daughter to write some memories to include in this surprise blog she was thinking of so many things but said there was no way she could ever put it into words how life was growing up in this home. Here is just a portion of what she thought about when she thinks of this home:

"When one door closes another one opens

Home reminds me of Saturday mornings waking up to the sounds of Van Morrison cranking through the speakers My dad got for his high school graduation-

Home reminds me of all the parties and holidays and get togethers and slumber parties- if alcohol was involved, keys were taken at the front door and placed in a basket, in exchange for a quilt to sleep with

Home reminds me of laughs and cries and tears and memories that cannot be replaced and never forgotten

Home reminds me of summers in the street and street lights going on to signify it being time to hear back in

Home reminds me of pool parties

Home reminds me of the many different faces overs the years the house had- but always the same strong bones and structure

Home reminds me of my water bed and having my first tv in my bedroom and the sounds of the trains going by on the railroad and when I drew in my bedroom walls and anyone who visit signed my walls

Home reminds me of all the pets I had growing up

Home reminds me of sliding down the basement steps w the couch cushions and sliding down the foundation pole in the basement and getting rug burns bc it was carpeted and building up cushions to jump on w my brother when my parents we're asleep in the morning and hurrying to put them back before they woke up

Home will always be a see you later but never a goodbye "

Here we are December 10th!! Here we are stirring up the memories to never be forgotten!!  Congrats to the Porackys on their continued endeavor!!! I can not wait to see the memories to come!!

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