Finally A Blog Of my Family!!

I am sure their are people out there wondering how I could write this blog when I still have galleries to send off. Well here it is folks. I need my family and memories just as bad as you do. 

Some people may think , man she can just grab her camera and do this any day, how awesome!! Well it isn't that easy in the real world. So when the moment arises I take advantage of it. 

We planned the day approx. a week ago and had no idea what the day would bring. I knew that I had a few things on our list for the day. #1 Family Photos #2 Getting our Christmas tree.

We started out with a few shots in our back yard and then headed off to the spot i have been admiring for a very long time.

I have driven past this location for approx. a year now and knew that one day I would do a shoot there. Well the day came and we had no idea what it would bring. The snow began to fall this morning and i felt this excitement come over me.

We headed to the location and but his time we had a few inches of pure white bliss on the ground and stuck perfectly to the trees.

We got out of the car and my daredevil son ran down the little hill and fell, sliding down the rest of the way laughing histerically. The location was beyond perfect. Almost like we were in a movie.

As we stood in the pines the snow just continued to fall. I couldn't help but to keep looking up at it all and being so thankful that I have this day with my children all to myself to make memories of our own.

Every once in a while a limb would fall and snow would come barreling down on us. I unfortunately couldn't dodge one of the falls that landed directly on my head while i was shooting the kids images.

Thankfully my daughter has watched me shoot for years and catches on quickly. She took ahold of the camera and with minimal direction took some amazing shots.

People I encourage you to capture these memories. Create things they will never forget. Freeze your butt off and Document these days for a lifetime. 

If you choose to do this I would love to help make these memories with and for you!!!

I hope you get as much joy as I do from looking at this day we had!! We live in an ever changing world. No one knows what tomorrow will bring!! Don't wait to make memories!!

Thank you to all of my Friends "clients"  for supporting me and allowing me to have days like this!!