The Castanon Family Love!!

I received an inquiry from this Mom and she told me a few times how she was so excited for our session!!  "which makes me feel so honored by the way" When I met them I knew that this was going to be perfect!! The kindness of this family that stepped out of their car was contagious. You could see the love that they had for their adorable daughter instantly.

Not to mention that it was a perfect November day!!  I am not kidding when I say perfect. The warm glow from the early fall sun combined with the golden leaves that had freshly fallen on the ground at my favorite little quiet park.

I think mom and dad were a little shocked when I said I was doing shots of them individually also. Most parents are ;) But here is why: I think it is important to capture all of you!! Mom and dad are just as important. I want mom and dad to be proud to be these awesome parents!! Their daughter may want a photo of them to put on her nightstand, you never know ;) Thanks for not throwing a rock at me when I told you what we were doing ;) 

What I love most about sessions is the no pressure feeling , letting their little one run around and allowing me to capture the interaction of tickling and laughing!! These are the real ways to make memories. Not in a studio with a controlled atmosphere folks!! But real natural playfulness with no pressure or stress to follow rules while sitting in the same spot for 35 minutes waiting for your name to be called. 

I don't accept many family sessions this time of year due to wedding season but boy am I glad I did for this one ;)

I am so glad this family entrusted me to make memories for them. I hope they love them as much as I do ;)   Enjoy ;)

Oh and if your wondering why I would make black and white images out of this golden session? This is why: Black and white allows the emotion to be seen clearer without distraction of the surroundings. If you pay close attention you will see exactly what I mean ;)