Howard Wedding!!

The Howards Planned their wedding in approx 4 weeks. You would never know it by the looks of everything and how smoothly the day went.  The day was beautiful and sunny. In fact I spoke to the bride the day before and had asked if she looked at the weather and she confirmed she had not. She was just hoping for the best and the best is what they got. 

Her flowers were perfectly made by "Flowers with Jazz"

Their Dj  "five star DJ" was seriously the nicest Dj that I had ever met. He was so friendly and kept myself and my second shooter up on all the key event happenings through out the day. 

I just want to say that they did happen to do a bouquet and a garter toss!! The 2 people that were so lucky to catch them just so happen to be a couple and Just so happen to get engaged today 11/15/16 and just so happen to be my neighbors. Seriously what are the chances!!!!

Well Congrats to Heidi & Larry  now Mr & Mrs Howard!!! I will be praying for them through these tough times ahead. God works in mysterious ways and thats no joke people!!!!!

A big shout out to my awesome second shooter for the day Ed !! We tackled this day together with only one mishap ;)

Music: Five Star DJ 

Cake: Cakes By Karen 

Second Photographer: Ed Ciesielski 

Flowers: Flowers with Jazz



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