Chicago Senior Session!!!!

I am really serious when I say this is My favorite Senior session of all times!!!  There are many reasons why!! First of all I have known this young woman since she was just a wee toddler!!! She is smart, witty and of course Beautiful!!!

We had the best day ever downtown Chicago exploring locations, drinking coffee and avoiding weirdos that thought she was a movie-star!!! "For Real people!!"

Her momma is one of my best friends for approx. 15 years now!! Wow am I old!!! I was so excited that I got to capture her in her last year of high school!! But for real I would seriously be mad if I wasn't the one.. jk  

We set off to Chicago mid-day and the light was perfectly golden! How do I get so lucky sometimes I will never know!!!  By the end of the day we were exhausted even after trying to pump ourselves up with pumpkin spice lattes ;)  

I am so glad I was able to spend the day with her!! We laughed and I loved that she and I have a history of family so nothing was feeling pressured or awkward!! Love you Kayla!!!!

So without further adoooooo!!!  Here is the beautiful "magazine worthy blog" of Kayla!!!

PS "stop growing up!!!!"

Makeup: Brittany Hennings 

Some clothing options: Mink Clothing


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