Tree Farm Maternity Session

This adorable couple is expecting!!!!! Expecting a baby that is!!!!  Can you believe we scheduled this session way in advance and we were originally going to do our session at an orchard but....The type of person I am this is what happened!!!!   I was driving along with my son to go to Home depot to get a real christmas tree this year, Our first real tree in 12 years!!!!  We passed by a sign for a tree farm that said "Cut your own tree!!" What... Cut our own tree!!! Lets do it!!! Once we pulled up I knew this was going to be the location of my upcoming session with the soon to be mommy and daddy!!!!

I messaged Laura and asked if we could meet somewhere other then what we had planned months before. Luckily she was so gracious and said she trusted me to pick the location. The day came... It was cold cold cold....  Butttt !!!! The sun was shining bright and golden!! We made it through the session, threw our coats on and thank goodness we all walked away without frostbite .. Yipeeee Score!!!!!! 

As you can see we had some beautiful sun haze which was perfect for the look we were going for.... What a memory for sure!!

I can not wait until baby is born and I get to keep documenting from start to finish!!  Thank you guys for picking me to be a part of the most important milestone in your lives!!!