Stephanies Senior Take #2

Just a few months ago I visited Florida and My beautiful Subject Stephanie and I had planned to capture more images for her final year in high school "sniff sniff"  This young lady has grown into such a beautiful woman. So smart and talented!!! She travels anywhere and everywhere and I am so proud of the person she has become. She always is up for anything .....Even the time I took her to a 72 degree bubbling spring surrounded by alligators and she and my daughter swam up the fierce flowing spring, grabbing on to trees to pull us further, skin red as could be, almost dying of hypothermia, dodging the surrounding gators....Just to get to the head of the spring and be able to look under water at the beautiful cave beneath us. I am sure we will never forget that day. This is what life is all about Stephanie.... Doing things and creating memories that last a lifetime.

:'(  Ok Back to this session...... This session was a 2 day session... The first day...We headed to a beautiful park in Mount Dora, spent some time walking around as I was getting eaten by some unknown tropical bug the entire time. "it is because I am so sweet" . Ha Ha!!!   Anyways we enjoyed some family time and session time all in one. Buttttt ....As we were headed to this park we went through the beautiful town of Mount Dora itself. As we drove through I got an inspiration and said "tomorrow we need to go back to the town... I have Ideas!!" Stephanie was excited and My daughter came along to watch it all unfold. My daughter gave Stephanie some pointers on posing and being natural. "I have the best daughter ever BTW!!!"

We got up early and I put together some outfits for the morning. One very sentimental set as you will see. Her grandpa "whom is my uncle" was in the military and she inherited his military shirt. Her mother had this amazing red skirt that Stephanie was a pro at stealing out of her closet to wear. I put them together and It was perfection, I knew exactly where we were going to go.

The morning was perfect & sunny with an occasional big cloud floating by. Which as a photographer you would understand that this was a magical sky giving you versatility in your images. Stephanie looked beautiful. So beautiful and grown that I held my tears in as I photographed her.   Whew...Tear break here!!!!!

Stephanie: I must say dear you are a true beauty and I am so proud that I can give you and your family these memories. I love you with all my heart and can't wait to see what you have in store because I know it will be pure awesomeness!!!!!!!