So here is a random thing for me. I have been experimenting with creating my images to simulate film. I occasionally just wake up and have a vision, an inspiration, a little person on my shoulder that says “today is a great day, do something that just comes to you, be creative today”  I wasn’t even sure that I would have the perfect model for the day. But see how things work out ….. I kept thinking and then all the sudden I knew who would be perfect. yes her….  Someone unique and creative inside and out. She volunteered to be my subject and my creative mind could only see something beautiful in the works. Savhannah was the perfect choice for todays inspiration. Just like every client she didn’t know what to do at first, I explained its ok, in a few minutes it will be different. It literally took her yep only 5 minutes before she became a natural.

I was so giddy every time I looked at the back of my camera during the shoot. It was perfect. It all came together. We just so happen to be right in front of an apple tree which allowed us to add a little darkness to our images. I loved this session. Thanks savhannah for volunteering for just a few minutes this day to allow me to be creative. Your such a beautiful soul.

Hopefully you enjoy this blog as much as I do.

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