The Lawsons

SO here we are at the Lawsons. We have waited a long time for this day. I can not say enough about the Lawsons. I Met Trish at her moms house when i was doing photos of the grandchildren. She told me the story about her sweet little Molly and her struggle at the beginning of her entrance into the world. It touches my heart to see how well Little Molly has done and oh how sweet she is. Lets not leave out her adorable red curly headed brother... really just wait until you see him. Who doesn't want hair like that. In fact I am trying to get mine that color...shhhhhhh don't tell anyone. 

The Lawson family love is so apparent when you walk into the door of their new home. Mom and Dad just watched as I took photos of their children just being children. And by the way .... I had nothing to do with them jumping on the bed...... uhuhuhmmmm. 

HeLLo Darth  !!!!!! HaaaaYaaaaa!!!

As you will see in the photo Molly is holding, she had a long struggle but oh my... Molly you struggled for the right family.  Can you not see how much her brother squeezes her. I would squeeze her too if I was him. 

Thank you Lawson family for choosing me to help create more lasting memories. I can not wait until next time <3 <3