Homecoming for my niece, Anna

I Just so happen to be free on one Awesome day..... My Niece was going to homecoming and I heard the news... I showed up and the rest is history. I can not believe she is so grown up. I remember the day she was born. We did not know whether she was going to be a girl or boy until the day she arrived. When she was brought into the world her mom and I kept saying.... What is it...What is it....     Thank goodness they didn't say "A PUPPY". although I would be able to handle a puppy growing up much better then I can her ;)    Her beautiful smile and her awesome swagger. I am a very proud aunt of one amazing , smart, beautiful young lady.  Oh Ya and who has beautiful smart friends as well.....  You girls looked amazing. So glad I was able to capture these photos.  Hey now...You better print these suckers!!!!      Love you Anna!!!!