Sibling Session with Noah & Sophie

We had plans to do this session a few weeks earlier and had to reschedule. The next few days were going to be perfect and I called up these two adorable little peoples mother and said "Lets try to do it this week , It will be perfect!" She was excited to be able to send the kids on their own and be surprised with the outcome of their session.  I Love when parents do this ;)  These two siblings are best friends as you can tell in the photos. They are not only best friends but really how much cuter can two siblings be. Noah is a senior this year and Just went to visit colleges this week. I am super excited for him to keep pursuing his education. He is one brilliant young man and I know his sister will be following right behind him.

Oh by the way, they came up with some of these poses which makes this session even more special to them. I love that they can laugh together like they do. To their Mom & Dad: You have two of the sweetest children I know. Thank you for letting me be a part of their day!!  <3 <3