Beautiful Blessing Charlotte

I travel to Indianapolis pretty frequently to second shoot weddings for one fantastic gal. I received a call from a friend asking If I would be so kind to do a session while I was down there this month. Are you kidding..Of course I will. This couple went through so much to finally be blessed with this beautiful baby girl. 

Pregnancy wasn't easy for momma and she would not be at ease until baby came into the world. Her mommy was in disbelief when baby charlotte was born. She couldn't believe that their prayers came through. They could hold gods blessing in their hands finally. 

Her Parents are some of the most loving grateful parents I know. They prayed and prayed through this pregnancy to have a healthy baby. Baby charlotte was born and had some hip dysplasia, but with proper care and wearing her braces she is doing very well now. 

I can just look at her mom and dad and see how much they cherish every minute with baby Charlotte. They watch her every move and cherish it all. Baby Charlotte watches their every move too ;)  Learning every day from her fabulous mom and dad.

If you can't tell she is coming up on her 1/2 birthday and what better way to document it then to have the proper hat and skirt to go.  

Thank you for choosing me to document such a special little gift from god.