Haileys Senior Session

Haley is all grown up!!  Her mom is a long time acquaintance & friend of mine and I have heard about and watched this young girl grow up. She is the perfect mix of her mom and dad. She sings....yes sings.... Her heart is deep within music.

Hailey is sweet and beautiful and spending the day with her was like spending the day with a long time childhood friend of my own. We laughed and explored some unusual places for our session ;)

She needed no cues on posing. She is effortlessly beautiful. She applies her own makeup perfectly.  She should be a senior makeup rep. 

Hailey was a trooper and when I said "go ahead just sit in those weeds right there" she was all for it. She awed at the back of the camera all session long, although I kept a few secret images ;).

Thanks to hailey Mom ...she scheduled the absolute perfect fall day for her session. The trees literally turned these bright colors just a day or two before our session. 

Happy Senior year Hailey.... I can not wait to hear about everything you have planned..... One day I hope to shoot your Debut cover for your soon to be Musical fortune. You are brilliant my dear. <3